Beautiful Fresh Cut Flowers Can Change Your Day

A floral offering can represent friendship, love, thanks, good luck and condolences or even just convey that someone else is thinking of you. Flowers can actually say so much through their bright colors, beauty, and scent without actually being able to utter a single word. Fresh cut flowers in all their bright variations can bring so much pleasure and joy. Knowing how to take good care of your flowers can help to preserve them for an extended period of time.

Read on for tips on how to help your fresh cut flowers stay fresh and beautiful for as long as possible.

Fresh Cut Flowers in a Vase

Firstly, it is recommended to cut the ends of the flower stems while underwater. It is preferable to cut the stems on the slant, leaving more surface area to draw up water to the flower.

Do place your flowers into a vase of water quickly. For longer-lasting flowers, it is best to use lukewarm rather than cold water. It is also advisable to remove any leaves that will be underwater in the vase.

Use food packet for the flowers that is provided by the florist. If the fresh cut flowers were not delivered by a florist or you do not have a special flower food packet, there are other additions to the water that can be used. Popular alternatives that have been known to be successful are sugar, a small amount of bleach or aspirin, either on its own or together with a penny.

You could also give your flowers a treat by placing lemonade into the water. This should help to give them fresh for a bit longer.

It is recommended to replace water in the vase every two days.

Where to Place Your Fresh Cut Flowers

Flowers in a vase should be kept away from direct sources of heat such as radiators, oven, strong lights, etc. It is also wise to put your vase in a location away from heat giving appliances, such as a television set.

It is important to keep flowers out of the direct sunlight (well you would get hot and wilt too sitting in the sun for the whole day!)

It may be surprising to note, but fruit and flowers do not go together very well. They may look attractive but the fruit, especially bananas, will, unfortunately, cause the flowers to have a shorter life span.

Please note that draughts and cigarette smoke will not be beneficial to the life of your fresh cut flowers.

Taking care of your fresh cut flowers is the ultimate way to enhance one’s enjoyment of the floral display and to prolong the lifespan of the flowers. Managing to preserve your flowers for as long as possible will help to maintain the feelings and emotions that they represent and inspire.

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