7 Errors Designing a Kitchen Set

Of course, we do not expect a kitchen set that we have not been maximized function. Even worse, the existence of a kitchen set that actually made the room uncomfortable.

Designing a kitchen set not far different from designing a house or an interior space in general. Some things you need to pay attention. Planning is insufficient, the function of a kitchen set to be not optimal.

Elegant Kitchen Sets

Many things we need to know to set up a kitchen set. Here are seven major mistakes homeowners in designing a kitchen set:

1. Emotional

Owners easily tempted by the beautiful views and luxurious. Yet such is not necessarily suitable for the conditions in her home kitchen.

2. Not enough to seriously consider the potential location and ventilation. The potential location is important in order to obtain a working kitchen set maximum. The location of ventilation openings should be considered to determine the appropriate design workflow in the kitchen.

3. Not designing a whole kitchen set and kitchen

This step is dangerous, if you are not designing your kitchen as a whole will make your kitchen does not match. This could occur because of the availability of materials of … Read the rest